Business field
Engineering Industrieal products
Simulation / Optimization:
- Real time simulation of automotive press lines
in the field "End of Line", "Die change",
"part logistic" as well as other applicatios
- Layout and process planing especially
metal forming products
- Cost effective application of robots for new and existing
press facilities

Manufacture of press assembly groups:

- Overload protection systems
- Counterbalance cylinders
- Hydraulic units
- Special valve equipment for drawing cushion

Development / Design:

- of press assembly goups
- as service in the field mechanical engineering.

Further performances:
- Repair of press units
- Manufacture of succer frames -
Change of moving bolsters (hydraulic / pneumatic) - Production of tube pipes according to customer
wish (in high-grade steel as well)
Industrial Consultans:
Supervision of fields services
Training of staff of press shops